Have You Had a White Chair Day?

Book Summary

Have you hit your White Chair Days?

About a week before a milestone birthday, Joni drove coworkers out for lunch. On the way back to the office, they came across a very large green, plastic garbage can lid in the middle of the street. Startled by the object, Joni Jesme blurted, “Oh no! There’s a white chair in the road!!”

Yes, she said white chair. Her coworkers burst into laughter. “Joni, where did you get white chair from?” They continued to laugh for several days.

Joni had reached the point in her life when the wrong words flew out of her mouth. “Where’s the whatchamacallit?” And when she tried to find the correct word, it inexplicably vanished. She’d stepped across the threshold into a new, and sometimes humorous part of life. [Cue: Rod Serling] “That’s the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the White Chair Day Zone!”

From that moment, whenever Joni had one of those head-scratching moments, she would explain to those around her, “I’m just having a White Chair Day.” Surprisingly, others shared their stories with her and White Chair Days was born.

A funny thing happens on our way to growing older. You come into your White Chair Days after an amusing voyage through life’s milestones. When you look for and enjoy the humor as you transition from one phase of life to another, reaching your White Chair Days will defy expectations, and life will be anything but dull.

Adorned with endearing illustrations, “OMG! I’m having a White Chair Day” is sure to delight readers of all ages, particularly those who call green lids “white chairs” and thingamajigs “whatchamacallits.”

Joni Jesme

Joni Jesme

Meet the Author

When sharing her first White Chair Day episode, Joni was surprised by the sharing of stories from others with their own similar, unique and humorous WCD moments. Taking the plunge, she gathered these moments, and set out to share them in print. White Chair Days is the first collection of stories in the White Chair Days book series. Read More

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